Deta has launched its 2nd generation of intelligent LED dimmers, which have been specifically designed to meet the wide ranging demands of the ever increasing variety of LED Lamps available for use within the residential market.

Compatible with both Leading and Trailing Edge dimmable LED lamps, Deta’s new intelligent Dimmers will automatically adjust on initial power-on to provide optimum dimming performance dependent upon the type of LED lamp being used, making them compatible with a wide variety of branded LED lamp types. With a minimum load rating of 5W and a maximum of 100W in Trailing Edge and 75W in Leading Edge modes, the dimmer is suitable for single and multi-lamp applications.

Deta LED dimmer

The new dimmers offer user settable minimum brightness level; soft start technology to extend lamp life, and built in overload protection which resets when the overload is removed. All user adjustable settings are achieved via a simple 3-step process carried out without the need to remove the dimmer from the wall, which can be reset if the lamp type is changed at a later date. To avoid reprogramming, each dimmer has an inbuilt EPROM memory chip which will preserve all of the settings in the event of a power cut.

A multiway dimming facility allows the switch/dim function to be carried out from multiple points. The improved range is also compatible with Tungsten Halogen, Incandescent lamps and Low Voltage Transformers. With the dimmer available across the entire range of Deta Wiring Accessories, there is a style and finish available to meet most applications. The LED dimmer is also available in a Replacement Module format. This provides for the option to upgrade an existing dimmer switch to the new Deta LED dimmer whilst keeping the existing frontplate.

Contact Deta Technical Hotline on 01582 544548 for further information.

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