RoomSet’s designed for quick, easy configuration of repeatable spaces like classrooms and offices. And with a 331 Multisensor at its heart, it will also save plenty of energy.

Easy Installation
For the installer, the automatic preset programming allows for swift out-of-the-box installation. No configuration is needed as it automatically finds all addressable Digidim switches, sensors and DALI luminaires.

Download the App. Drag, Drop, Repeat

There’s no need to hook up a laptop. Just load the RoomSet app on an Android tablet. RoomSet configures through Bluetooth, with data stored in each 331 Multisensor. Room configuration is as easy as dragging and dropping each piece to where you need it.

Cost Effective 
It’s easy to configure — and reconfigure — with RoomSet. For commissioning large numbers of rooms, the RoomSet app allows copying room layouts, thus making the commissioning process faster and consequently more cost-effective.Office using RoomSet lighting


With RoomSet, you can set up one room in a matter of minutes, and then thousands more with the swipe of a finger. Using the intuitive app on your tablet, scene setting couldn't be more simpler. It’s quick to share work on big projects and to change when you need task-based lighting.

Fit for the Future

RoomSet software updates itself wirelessly over the air. Just open the app and click on the prompt. That means extra functions install without training. So it’s intelligent and ready for anything, such as rule changes to energy efficiency.
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